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This website is a social program geared to raise money for charitable causes we support through the sale of merchandise. Each product has a different value assigned to it that will go to a different charitable cause. Through this initiative, we hope to not only unite communities to help one another but at the end of the day provide ample funding for those causes. is our charitable merchandise program website. A society that is wired properly can be defined as being connected through mass telecommunication networks. Essentially, that is what we have initially created and look forward to everyone helping us make it grow.

Helping one another comes from our human morality and some say it is passed on through our own evolution. Different cultures also play a strong role in our level of desire to help those around us.

At, we have a few primary causes that we want to contribute to but are open to others as well. Food Banks are an essential requirement for many and keeping their shelves stocked throughout the year helps with fewer people going hungry in our communities. These foodbanks sometimes also offer those who are struggling with additional quality programs that just need funding.

Veteran homelessness is also one of our causes that our owner feels very heartbroken about. Our veterans should be taken care of from beginning to end. It is our duty to make sure those who give of themselves to protect and serve us are taken care of. When our criminals in prisons are treated better than our veterans, something needs to change.

When you purchase an item on our website, a portion of the sale goes to charity. EVERY Society Wired branded item is part of the program and we hope you will find something interesting, make the purchase and help out one of our selected charities in the process.

If we all work together, we can truly make a difference nationwide!

ALL of our Printed Products are made in Canada.

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